Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee meets monthly and it is open to all members.
You may audit the meeting via conference call at 605-475-3235, PIN 216039#
The next Executive Committee meeting is 10:30 am, Tuesday, October 7, 2014 Fidelity National Title Group, 485 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY.
Click here to download the Oct. 10th Executive Committee document packet.

  1. Call to order – President Castellanos
  2. President’s Greeting – President Castellanos
  3. Approval of September 2014 Minutes - Executive Director Treuber
  4. Exec Director Report – Executive Director Treuber
  5. Treasurer Report – Mr. Estrella
  6. Title Section Report – Chair Mike Kelly
  7. Agent Section Report – Chair Giliotti
  8. DFS Report – Mr. Wexler
  9. Licensing and Regulation Review Committee Report – Chair Partridge
  10. Land Records Committee Report – Chair Tafuri
    1. Recording policies of Nassau County Clerk
  11. Legislative Committee Report – Chair Collins
  12. Municipal Liaison Committee – Chair Carroll
  13. Charitable Works Committee Report – Chair Roper
  14. New Business
    - Proposal to recognize 10th Anniversary of Annette Hill as NYC Register
  15. Adjourn

The ten voting members of the Agents and Abstracters Section will be:

Nancy Farrell

-Bill Collins

Paul Spano

-Rafael Castellanos

Sal Turano

Tim Provost

-Richard Giliotti

Tommy Tafuri

-Deanna Stancanelli

-James Scaturro

The next Executive Committee Meeting will be held at 10:30 am on November 5, 2014 at Fidelity Title in Mineola, NY.
The dates of upcoming meetings can be seen on the EVENTS page of this web site.
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 2013-2014 Membership Year
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